Beyond “Don’t Be Evil”

Visualizing and imagining technologies for good - the two-winged project.

ARC is equal parts a brand identity project and investigation into techno-optimism and the potential of “community-focused computing”, or the idea of not-for-profit tech. What might Google, IBM, Apple, et all look like in a world where a moral compass and social impact, rather than solely revenue and stakeholder profit? What might computing for the real world look like, feel like, and how might it feel to use?

Tech is not neutral, and it cannot afford to operate as if it is. A technological identity should reflect its goals - for a better world with affordances to all.

Arc’s two “wings” are not just taglines but tenets to fixate the project on. I wanted to convey the magnitude of how tech impacts our daily lives, and how with access to affordances in tech comes power - a sort of “noblesse oblige”, so to speak. 

ARC was designed to be an identity for a computing organization that knows the power they hold and that the power that they hold can be used, primarily, for good.