OFF LOG is a a mobile productivity app prototype developed between the months of February and May 2020 as part of a final project in the course ‘GAD 2079 – UX/Mobile App Design’ at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in the Graphic Design department overseen by professor and designer Courtney Spencer.
You can view the finished prototype here.

An experiment in creating a wellness and productivity app that was completely modular in how the an app user was free to engage with it, my prototype was devised as a a time management and productivity app for people that don’t like time management and productivity apps (i.e. me). 

Not all screen time is created equal - and in a world increasingly intermediated by our phones and devices (to the point where internet access can be a lifeline for people), it felt wrong to abide to the same old punitative measures of shaming people for scrolling or browsing their phone. Instead, Off Log was designed to reward thoughtful and mindful use of our devices rather than trying to fight them.