Superflat (2020-2021) existed as a Figma-based experiment in exploring chat messengers, interface design & nostalgic aesthetic branding of the 2000s, and the spatial notions in ongoing thought and conversation. 

It was born out of a wireframe prompt but also a brief self-directed investigation into the flow of verbal, free-flowing conversation and how it does and does not map onto digital communication. Through this method, Superflat was intended to explore the idea of conversational “sidebars” -- not dissimilar to Discord Threads, albeit deliberately in an inline, free-scrolling fashion.

Much of the mockup was modeled around the interfaces of early-to-mid 2000s and 2010s messenging services like MSN and AIM - one-on-one conversation software that still allowed for a modular and customizable sense of operation.

Aesthetically, Superflat took cues from youthful consumer aesthetics of the time, including maximalist futuristic industrial “vectorheart” graphics and imagery. 

As of now, the project is temporarily halted, but my interest in communication design and communication software has still continued and I am excited for what awaits us in the near future - beyond Slack, beyond Discord, beyond Skype - a way for all of us to achieve networked community.