The Process Of is my alias for exploring electronic music and digital-audio worldbuilding, production, music-making and general sonic development. I am greatly influenced by the speculative works of Drexciya, Chino Amobi & NON Worldwide, the Afrofuturist writing of Kodwo Eshun, and the Black British junglist fiction of James T. Kirk & Two Fingas and have been exploring The Process Of as a space to combine my passion for electronic music and storytelling together. 

album artwork and insert artwork for Eight Minutes Upside Down, EP digital release by producer and DJ The Process Of, 2021.

album artwork for it’s over tonight, digital single by producer and DJ The Process Of, 2021.

in addition to these releases, The Process Of semi-frequently releases to the Instant Replay series, digitally released mixfiles designed for sonic worldforming (and dancing) in the club or in liminal spaces.

Instant Replay 01 is available here. Instant Replay 02 is available here.